10 Reasons why RK IVF is the ideal choice

1. All patients are evaluated by a Full Time certified specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility including advanced reproductive technology techniques such as IVF and does complete IVF work herself.

2. Comprehensive infertility treatment options available including donor eggs, egg freezing, embryo donation, and gestational surrogacy. Invitro maturation, Blastocyst culture by competent fulltime Embryologist.

3. Comprehensive evaluation of male infertility. With a firm belief that every couple needs special & individual care and attention, our cooperative staff treats our patients as our family member. Surgeon & embroloist available fulltime.

4. Excellent IVF success rates. We also offer IUI and our success rates exceed national averages. Higher chances of achieving pregnancy in first shot eventually reduce the cost and bring happiness.

5. ANC and High risk pregnancy care of patient conceiving like hypertension, Diabetes, Recurrent abortion etc. along with complete paediatric support by Senior  paediatrician.

6. We allocate adequate time to each patient, provided by a caring and experienced staff dedicated to fertility care. We make ourselves available to answer each of our patients' questions and concerns.

7. We are easily accessible to all the patients. We also see fertility patients from other areas of India and from the far corners of the world for IVF and surrogacy services.

8. Allocation of first and follow up appointments without loss of valuable time.Single location to assist in follow-up visits, diagnostic testing, and infertility treatments.

9. We keep ourselves updated on the newest treatment protocols and technology through continuing education and training programs and investment in state of the art medical equipment.

10. We also support the couples in:

1. Complete healing of Mind, Body and Soul.

2. Creating stress free environment.

3. Offering practical alternate solution to any problem.