Infertility Services

Situated in Udaipur Rajasthan, the lake city of India, RK IVF Infertility Center provides personalized medical services in.Assisted Reproduction for male & female infertility patients from India & Overseas
Advanced obstetrics, gynae & laproscopic surgery
We draw knowledge & expertise whose work is respected World wide. We provide the complete "Infertility Health Guide to the infertile couples" and our treatments & advanced techniques from the simplest test to latest technologies – all under one roof.
Complete Investigative Services:
• Blood work
     • Complete blood picture
     • Biochemical test
     • Hormone assays
     • All other routine blood test

• Semen analysis with CASA {Computer Assisted}
• Sperm function test
• Hystero salpingogram
• Hysteroscopy
   1 Diagnostic
   2 Operative
                    Septum resection
                    Polyp removal
                    Fibroid removal
                    Cornual Catheterization

• Laparoscopy
   1 Diagnostic Operative    
   2 Operative  
                   PCOD drilling
                   Lap Myomectomy {Fibroid removal}
                   Tubal Surgery
                   Ovarian Cyst removal
                Endometriosis Fulgration
• Post coital test
• Endometrial biopsy
• Hydrotubation
• Ultrasound scan
   1 Vaginal    
   2 Abdominal  
• Follicular study
Our Infertility Services :
• Ovulation induction
• Super ovulation
• Tubal surgery
• Tubal recanalization
• Adhesion removal
• Male Surgery
• Vasectomy reversal
• Varicocele
• Uterine surgery
• Fibroid removal
• For endometriosis
• Polyps
• Polyps removal
• Cervical
• Uterine
• Ultrasound guided cyst removal
• Fetal reduction
Post- conception Services
• Good antenatal care
• Circluage
• Full fledge operation theatre
• Post operative care
Assisted conception
• Sperm aspiration
• Freezing
o Sperm
o Embryo
• Donation
o Egg
o Sperm
o Embryo
• Surrogacy
• Assisted hatching
• Blastocyst culture
• Invitro Maturation
• RK IVF Infertility Center focuses on personalized treatment of patients from abroad by offering them world class infertility treatment at lower prices when compared to the west. Already patients from Europe, Australia & Middle East have been successfully treated at the center.
• Infrastructure at RK IVF Infertility Center meets international standards with periodic advancements & upgrading of the equipment & procedures.